Atelier One Planet (AOP) is a conversation and exhibition space for all kinds of organization focusing on real-world climate action now. We are building an ecosystem to fulfill our mission : invent and support realistic solutions to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, signed here in December 12, 2015, namely stop global warming well under +2°C, and avoid crossing the safe +1.5°C threshold.

Why ?

Because the enemy is here. It has many names: Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), Catastrophic Climate Change (CCC), Climate Red Zone (CRZ)... it threatens ecosystems and civilization. Yet, we have a powerful tool to control it: CO2.

How did that happen ?

We lost control because we ignored that fact: we can control the average surface temperature of Earth by regulating our CO2 emissions (in fact, greenhouse gas emissions). So we dumped trillions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, not realizing it would heat up the planet, despite early warnings in the 19th and 20th century. In fact, the first people to issue warnings of global warming welcomed it ! Most places are too cold, so a warming planet should be good news, shouldn't it? Others decided to ignore the mere possibility that small humans could have a sizeable impact on the planet, denying the facts as they unfolded beneath their eyes.

Yet, numerical climate models and earth simulations have shown that global warming beyond the climate optimum of the mid-twentieth century is indeed catastophic to natural ecosystems, wildlife biodiversity and human civilizations.

How can we revert that trend ?

Our civilization emerged thanks to relatively stable climate conditions during the past 8000 years, with a mild warming trend from 7500BC until 1980. But since 1981, the warming trend has accelerated. This new era, named Anthropocene, is the geological era where the driving force is a sharp increase of the atmospheric contents in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other heat-trapping, GreenHouse Gases (GHG), leading to Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). A dire consequence of the extraneous greenhouse effect is sea level rise, which switched abruptly from its +1 mm/year cruise rate to +3 mm/year. Although a full explanation is rather complex, most of this phenomeneon is easy to understand: current and future sea level rise is mostly due to
  1. water inflow from land to oceans coming from land ice melt (melt water flows from mountain glaciers and polar ice caps to the ocean.
  2. ocean thermal expansion (above 4°C, hot water is less dense than cold water, so surface and deep ocean waters expand as they heat up).
While a small part of this extra water does evaporate into the atmosphere, increasing clouds and storm intensity, most of it adds to the total volume of the oceans, which have no other option left but to rise, erode and flood low-altitude lands. Hence, Sea level Rise is the most destructive force currently known to AGW.

To avoid this fate, we just need to realize that we need to regulate CO2 level in the Climate Green Zone, corresponding to the levels of CO2 (around 300 ppmCO2) and temperature range (average global temperature around 15°C) that all living species adapted to during the past era (Holocene). If we do not achieve this, the Anthropocene will be a mass extinction era. If we return quickly to the Climate Green Zone, the Anthropocene will be the time when humankind took charge of protecting the biosphere and unite to make the One Planet dream come true.

Solutions to Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)

But we have solutions ! Not all solutions, but our solutions bridge the gap between existing mitigation scenarios and the objective of the Paris Agreement: limit global warming to +1.5°C and well below +2°C.

These solutions enable shifting to Carbon Negativity. Here is our current portofolio of organizations proposing ambitious, yet realistic and sustainable Carbon Negative solutions to climate change :

: Saving Our Planet (SOP): since COP21, SOP inspires, motivates and helps humankind. Its priority is to inform and build awareness about Climate Change. It seeks to foster Climate Action and a clear vision for a decarbonized future.
: Exit Coal Now (ECN): we need to stop coal-burning power plants ASAP because they not only make it impossible to reduce quickly CO2 emissions, but also cause 23,000 deaths per year in Europe and kill 400 people per day worldwide. Replacement technologies exist in most countries: they are just more expensive, yet affordable.
: Are you concerned about climate change? Now you can do something about it. Today we are creating way too much CO2. is a new and easy way you can make a real difference:
  1. Reduce your CO2. We show you how. 15-20% is easy.
  2. Remove the rest of your CO2. We do it for you.
  3. Reach out and involve others.
Add your voice to the millions who are telling politicians they MUST deliver their promise to keep global warming well below 2C. - your easiest way to fight climate change
: ForCES creates Negative Carbon innovations.
: TechnoCarbon Technologies France (TCTF) is developing new material systems to revert climate change and replace our old CO2-emission-based industry with Negative Carbon Business and Growth. Its main product is CFS. CarbonFiberStone® , abbreviated as CFS® , is the combination of stone and carbon fibers.


ExitCoalNow petition reaches 1500 signatures

Paris, Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

Exit Coal Now petition to stop coal-burning power plants before 2040 reaches 1500 signatures. This was made possible by our volunteers and signatories. You too can make a difference by asking more people to sign the petition.


Invitation to TechoCarbon Technologies grand opening on Friday, March 16th, 2018 at AOP

Paris, Friday, March 16th, 2018

AtelierOnePlanet invites all to discover carbon negative innovations on Friday, March 16th, 2018 from 5pm to 9pm. Press conference : 10am - 11:30am

Invitation: download the PDF file here.


Press release

Paris, Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

AtelierOnePlanet released its first press release

AOP opens in Paris and presents effective solutions to climate change. Download the PDF file here.

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